Thanksgiving Countdown

Well, the countdown is on…two days till Turkey Day, which means two days until I have to cook a turkey, cook side dishes, come up with a couple of pies and entertain a few people…My friend who was going to bring a dish and the pies came down with something awful and had to be admitted to the hospital! I’m glad she is able to rest comfortably and hope she’ll at least be home in the next couple of days.

So that brings me back to my daunting task of cooking a turkey! I don’t think it can be that hard, but it seems like everyone makes a huge deal out of “the turkey!” I’m doing Sweet Potato Casserole, Green Bean Casserole, Mashed Potatoes, Deviled Eggs, Macaroni and Cheese (in the crockpot) Collards, Cranberry Sauce, Stuffing and a couple of pumpkin pies. I hope that is enough, because it is all I am willing to do!

I have a few loads of laundry to fold, which I will get to while watching Amazing Grace. I need to clean the bathrooms, I’ll do that tomorrow. I don’t really have that much to do I guess, it just seems imminent and overwhelming.

I better get to it! Hope everyone has a great T-Day. Remember to be thankful for the little things and appreciate your family, whether they are close or not.


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