The Three Legged Cat or “Tripod”

Tuesday morning Bible study is one of my favorite days of the week. I love getting to sit with my friends and discuss our lives as mothers, wives and domestic goddesses. Well, one woman put out the announcement that her parents had been put in a nursing home leaving behind one sweet, cuddly, three-legged cat. She and her children are allergic to cats and so it was living in a large kennel. Being the sympathetic animal lover I am I offered to take him. Now, if it had been my husband he would have remembered that our one dog loves to chase our four-legged cat and our four-legged cat hates anything that cannot pet it. However, all I could think was that poor cat was living in a kennel.

Fast forward to the cat entering our home. So far he has pooped on the floor (once), hidden under the bed, hissed continually at the dog and Sprinkles (our four-legged cat, named by Colby) and stayed perpetually hidden. Hey, at least he isn’t in a kennel. So I’m thinking our high stress home isn’t the right place for him. Now I’m looking for a new home for this fantastic cat who just wants a place to be able to wriggle around and get a pat on the head when he wants it.

Anyone want a 20 pound cat with three legs?


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