And 1 was left…

A few days ago Jenna decided to stalk and murder the mouse who has been taunting her.  I happened to be outside with the boys and we saw her chasing it back and forth across the porch.  So we all got a good look at it and Jenna did too.  She chased towards the safety of its home and smacked her paw right on top of it.  He wiggled about 2 inches and died, right there on the lawn.

Benji quickly commented with, “Night-Night, Mousey! SHHHHH!  Sleeping.”

Well if it makes you feel better.

Colby went with the sleeping theory so we had a sleeping mouse in our yard.  Benji could not stop trying to touch it so I knew I had to do something with it.  I took a shovel, picked it and the surrounding dirt up and chunked it into the alley behind the yard.

So we are down to one.  I’ve seen Jenna chasing it around and actually saw it eating right in the middle of the back patio this morning.  I wonder if it knows how limited its life could be and to watch his back.

I did leave a chocolate Hershey’s kiss on the wood stack in place of flowers.  It was gone the next day, so either Jenna ate it or the mouse took the peace offering.


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