Our new little man…

This is ?Tiny? That was his name when we got him, but we are not sure if we are going to keep it. The boys and I went to the Humane Society to play with the rabbits and ferrets and other small rodents who are not allowed in our house. So we were walking out to leave and head to Target and there was on older man standing there crying! He asked if we had adopted a dog.

I said, “Not today.”
He said, “I have a great dog that needs a home.”
Me, “What kind and why?”
Him, “A dachshund, we are moving and can’t have a dog.”
Me, “Can we see him?”
Him, “Yes.”

All the while he is sniffling, crying, can hardly talk. I felt so bad for him. We walked over to his car, parked right in front of the building and there was the cutest little guy you ever saw. He was wiggling all over the front seat. He had all his records, he had been chipped and fixed and up to date on everything.

Me, being the extremely kind, sensitive, rescuer of all animals and people, big and small said, “We’ll take him!”

So the man broke down, cried brought “Tiny” to my car and we left.

This sweet little dog rode all the way home in my lap. He walked into the house saw the crazy “Wheaten of Widefield” (Jenna) and walked right past her into the back yard. He is still a little nervous, but walking the house and letting Colby and Benji pet him. He loves me the most though. Probably because I am super cool like that.

So here are some pictures of our new man. We are taking suggestions for names because Tiny is just kind of wimpy and we are SOOOO not a wimpy family.

By the way, Ben just left for SERES school today and has no idea! We are going to surprise him when he gets home in three weeks! I just know he’ll love it, he loves all creatures great and small…hopefully he won’t kill it…he won’t, I promise.


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