Fashionistas at 2 and 5…

I thought fashion issues were the plight of girls and other frilly animals.  Unfortunately, I am ill-equipped to deal with the fashion decisions of a five year old.  Colby has three shirts he loves, a green Hulk shirt, a Spiderman muscle shirt and a regular Spiderman shirt.  In and of itself this is no problem, combined it is a mother’s disdain.  He always wants to wear these shirts, all of them, at the same time.  So at least two or three times a week, more if I didn’t take them and hide them (in the washer, because they usually stink!) away from my little strong willed man, he is all suited up in his trio of shirts and usually camo pants or a random sport pant that matches nothing he is wearing.  If these items are dirty he moves on to the next most obnoxious superhero shirt he can find with a pair of pants that don’t match.  If it is 80 degrees out he wants to wear long sleeves, if it is 40 degrees out he wants to wear short sleeves.  I wonder if he’ll have his father’s fashion sense forever, or if somewhere down the line he’ll gain the knowledge that things should match and you can’t really wear the same clothes every single day.

As for Benji, he’s 2, so he wears what I put on him.  Usually I dress him so cute and within 30 minutes there is honey, syrup, jelly, milk, strawberries or some other equally thick and messy food all over that outfit.  I change him into a random t-shirt and shorts or pants and he manages to keep that clean for the next 12 hours.  Go figure.  You would think I’d learn and switch the clothes.

I cannot really say much, most of the time I’m at home I’m wearing one of Ben’s t-shirts and sweats or PJ pants.  I guess my youngest sister Emily got the fashion sense and I got the sense that you have to keep your house clean and if food is black, it is probably inedible.


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