Catch Up!!! Get ready to read

So, here’s the latest…

Ben came home, he looked great, felt great and is super happy to be home, BUT…

He hated the new dog, Tiny, and Tiny hated him and showed it by growling, pooping and peeing everywhere…

So, we gave him back to his previous owner…

Then Jenna entered into a deep state of depression because her buddy was gone, so…

I got another dog, Jack (he was Cinch when we got him, but we’re taking name ideas right now) he is a 6 month old Anatolian Shepherd, Mutt mix. He is way cute and I’ll get pics up as soon as I get batteries in my camera. Jenna loves him, Colby loves him, Benji loves him, Sprinkles loves him, I adore him and Ben is starting to fall for him.

We’ve been super busy with church and the military ministry I am coordinating. I am hoping that this new ministry will reach out and help those families that just need a connection. I know what it is like to be far from home, no friends, no family and wonder if I’ll ever find a friend I can call at 2am when I’m missing my husband. I have found that friend here in CO, in fact I’ve found two! I hope that families will get involved and become a strong and supportive military family. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

This week we have had so much fun and it is only Wednesday. We saw the elephants from the circus march to the World Arena and got tickets for opening night, tomorrow night! We are having our first military family picnic on Saturday, I really hope somebody shows up.

Yesterday the boys and I and my friend and her kids went to the spray park. Of course nobody liked it and only Colby ran through a couple of times. Seriously, when did kids stop liking playing in the water? I think the only time they want to play in the water is if they are creating a mud hole the size of Rhode Island in the backyard. We are going to try it again with Dad on Friday, hopefully he can bring out the craziness in the boys and get them to play in the cool sprinklers.

Enough already, I’m going to fold one load of clothes, read my book and hit the sack. Ben is climbing to the top of Pike’s Peak tomorrow and has to leave at 3am, so I want to be able to at least roll over, wish him luck and get back to sleeping.

Oh, and my house looks like the Army puked all over it after eating too many ACUs and green and beige stuff, Kevlar vests, compasses, duffel bags, cases that attach to something else, M16 clips, and anything else it could find in the trunk of a soldier’s car…somebody really out pick this stuff up.


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