Coming Back Down

I have had to spend the last two days gathering my thoughts and reacclimating to the altitude.  This weekend was fantastic.  I was able to visit my parents, spend time with my sisters and find out something about myself I never knew.

Ben watched the boys and they did wonderful.  Granted, the house was a complete wreck when I got back, but really what do you expect from three guys, two dogs and a cat?  They were happy, healthy and well rested.  I could not ask for more.  Ben seemed to miss me and I think he really couldn’t wait to go back to work.  One of my girlfriends said he told her he would almost rather be in Iraq.  Enough said for me.

Friday morning he woke up to a phone call from a preschool telling him they had the dog (Jack).  He drove down picked him up and started the weekend without mom.

I was able to see Dad in therapy and visit with mom.  Dad is working so hard to regain use of his lower body.  I was so encouraged to see how hard he works and how much progress he has made.  He is blessed to have so many people around him to encourage him and lift him up, sometimes literally.  I thank God that Dad has been given the best physical rehabilitation center available.  I am trusting God to fully heal Dad and allow him to use this experience to reach more people.

I did not realize how much I missed my sisters until this weekend.  Jamie and Emily are so much fun to hang around with and just relax around.  Emily is the funniest person ever and Jamie always knows just what to say.  I wish we lived closer to each other.

Atlanta is so hot…really, the humidity really makes a difference.  It is hot here in Colorado to so I can’t feel too jipped, but gosh it seems hotter with the humidity.

Sunday I woke up got ready to leave, headed to the Airport and found out my flight had been canceled.  The next flight I was suppose to take had been canceled too.  After standing in lines for hours, really HOURS I was finally able to get a flight to Salt Lake City, which arrived five minutes after my connection to Colorado Springs took off.  So on Sunday night I has stuck in Salt Lake, a place I’d never been, didn’t know anyone and didn’t really want to be.  All alone in the airport all I could do was cry.  I wanted to see my husband, my kids, my dogs and even the cat.  I was walking through the airport crying.  All of the sudden I decided I wanted more…I wanted a fight.  I was very angry and decided to let the customer service rep know just how upset I was.  However, she must have already achieved sainthood because she was too nice.  She repeatedly said things like, “Isn’t that horrible! Don’t you hate it when that happens?  We’ll do everything we can to make you comfortable.”  Thanks, Ms. Wonderful, I just want someone to fight with me and make me feel better.

So there I was all alone in a hotel room, wondering just how I ended up there and why God didn’t want me home that night.  I did sleep well and get plenty of rest, but the next morning I was ready to head home.  Colorado Springs beckoned me, as did the dirty house, the loads of laundry and my family.  I had never been more happy to see them or a mess in all my life.  I missed them and they missed me, but you know what, they survived without me!  Yes, the house can still run and the kids are still O.K. without me being there 24/7.  I learned that I am not so much needed, as I am wanted.  They want me around, I want them around, because life is just better with a complete family.  Thank God I have that.

If you made it this far thanks, I’ll try to get back on my regularly scheduled ramblings now.  Gotta go find out why the dog is howling, Benji is singing and the smoke alarm is going off.


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