“Let’s Get Dressed!”

This morning after wrestling Benji to the ground to brush his teeth and wiping the toothpaste off the wall after Colby decided to clean the bathroom with Spiderman tooth paste I said, “Let’s get dressed!”

At the same exact time both the boys asked, “Who’s coming over?”

“No one is coming over, we are going to school!”

Colby says, “But you only get dressed when people come over.”

Benji just groaned and said, “I want friends!”

Needless to say we have people over constantly.  I guess you could say it is our gift.  We don’t have a big house, we aren’t the world’s best cooks and we certainly don’t have the cleanest house.  However, we do enjoy spending time with our friends and making new ones.  I have found one of the best ways to meet people is to invite them over, make them face two crazy dogs, a stuck up cat and our extremely talkative boys.  If they make it through and actually admit to having a great time, we usually become friends and a relationship starts.

I have learned that people need to feel comfortable and accepted.  You open yourself up on another level when you invite people into your home.  You show them that your house isn’t 100% or even 75% clean and they relate because they probably have five loads of laundry on their bed too.  It isn’t about showing off your house or family, it is about showing how much you care and really do want to get to know them.

Make sure you get dressed first and then order a pizza.  Have a family over that seems like they need some time to just relax and get out.  After years of having an open door policy I have made so many friends, experienced some crazy situations and realized we are all just people who need other people.  Maybe somewhere in all of this you can share God and his grace with them.  After all, that is what it is all about in the end.


One thought on ““Let’s Get Dressed!”

  1. Hi
    Great post and so true I am the same way too I like for people to come to my house and feel comfortable. Not feel like WOW ( It’s so clean I’m afraid to eat or drink anything for fear of making a mess) I’ve visit friends and family like that and it’s really hard for you to feel comfortable.

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