How to Be a 5 year old’s Hero

Buy 2 yards of any superhero fabric…I picked Transformers.

Cut out 2 squares the size of a small pillow.

Sew them together.

Put the pillow in the fabric and close up.

Present to the 5 year old and watch what happens!

He loved his pillows.  They weren’t the best, a little off, but he thought they were the best ever.  It is amazing the small things that make his day.  Taking 15 minutes to sew some fabric up and give him a pillow, playing war with him, building a fort, pretending to be a monster or bad guy, drawing pictures, reading.  There are a million things to do to make my five year old happy…and usually a million reasons I just don’t have time.  In the end it comes down to the fact that he is going to be in kindergarten in less than two weeks and I have to have my priorities straight.  He is growing up, I can’t stop it, I can only be present in his life now.

So I am off to build a kingdom of robots.


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