More to Love

I am in love, LOVE, LOVE with my family.  I love my husband, my children, I even love my psychotic animals.  I adore the way my husband surprises me sometimes.  I have had a rough week, being apathetic and feeling overwhelmed.  Today I thought I was going to run naked through the park, carrying a coca-cola and some crazy pills, but ended up flying a kite and swinging with the kids.  We went to the balloon glo, that was cancelled, but ended up having fun with our friend Angie and her kids.  The boys got to jump on a jumper, sit in a balloon basket and get a balloon.  Although they whined the whole way home, they went straight to bed and were instantly asleep.  Ben helped me clean the whole house, without being asked and he even made the bed!  I’m giving the man a cookie.  That is the number one way to my heart, help me clean my house.  Being in a dirty house makes me completely uncomfortable.  That one action of love showed me that sometimes things are not as bad as they seem.  Although the dogs chewed up an X-Box controller, my favorite flops and the kite I am fine!  Why?  My house is clean and my husband helped with no coaxing.  Maybe he isn’t as clueless about what it takes to rev me up.  Now I can relax, read a book and watch him play NCAA 2008.  I’m glad we all have tomorrow off and can finish up the yard, clean out the garage and just BE together.

Families are wonderful, sometimes I feel sorry for people who don’t have kids, dogs, a cat and a guinea pig.  The sound of the dogs chasing the cat through the house at 11:30 at night never ceases to make me laugh. I can’t help but crack up at the sound of Benji and Colby playing Star Wars while holding a squealing guinea pig.  Benji telling Dad his favorite color is pink is priceless.  The dog scooting her butt across the floor is one of the funniest sights around.  My house isn’t perfect, the couch is stained with crackers and juice.  The floor usually has signs of dirt and there are always toys hidden everywhere.  I have come to realize that one day my house will be perfectly clean, there will be no hidden toys, I’ll have couches that are the same color as when I bought them, but my house will be empty.  A full house is a comfortable house.  I am going to treasure the years my kids are here because I know one day they will be gone.  I am thankful friends come here to relax and just hang out with us.  I’m glad people know we have an open door policy and that means 24/7 no matter what.  I thank God for giving my family the gift of hospitality and that we enjoy it and embrace it.

So if you are ever in the Springs, you know where to come to find a few laughs, a couch with snacks already built in and a few crazy animals to make you feel at home.


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