Having a husband around changes everything!

So, Ben came home two nights before Thanksgiving and WOW, did my life change. I shouldn’t be surprised, it always does when he’s been gone for a while and just pops right back into our life. I get so used to having a schedule and a certain structure. Then, he gets home and back into the picture and things get shaken up. It isn’t just having another body in the bed or someone else’s clothes to wash. It is someone else’s schedule to follow and plan around. I have to consciously make an effort to remember he isn’t a child and that he does have a say in our life, unlike Colby and Benji who just follow me around hoping they get something out of the deal.

Saying all that to say, sorry I haven’t written in a while. We’ve been busy preparing for Christmas and recovering from Thanksgiving. The boys are super psyched about Christmas and they both are totally aware that they get gifts and this is a special time of the year.I am doing my best to make Jesus’ birth the center of our celebration and remind them that giving is just as special and important as getting.

I wish we could come home this year, but due to responsibilities beyond his control, Ben is not able to take as much time as he had hoped. I will try to update as much as possible and pray that everyone has a safe and peaceful holiday season.


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