DeCluttering and DeJunking My Way to a New Life!

The last week I began decluttering my house, throwing out junk, organizing what I needed to keep, giving Goodwill things I don’t need, but shouldn’t throw in the trash.  My house is clean and orderly and my mind is calmer because I don’t feel surrounded by chaos.  It is amazing how freeing it is to get ready of excess baggage.

I am also applying this to all parts of my life.  I have gotten rid of junk in my daily routine, I’ve gotten rid of time wasters that robbed me of time with my kids or time with God.

At the end of the day I can lay down and know that I used my time wisely and can sleep peacefully.  Yes, I still play the occasional game on the computer or surf the net a bit too much.  However, I justify it as brain decluttering time and move on happily.

So, go, GO now and throw out some clutter.  Get rid of the mess that is hiding in a kitchen drawer or under the cabinets or on the bookshelves.  I promise you it will feel so liberating.


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