A Tree In His LUNG?

Tree in Lung

I was shocked SHOCKED to read this story in world news after Ben told me about it. How in the world can someone inhale a seed and it actually grow in their lungs? Now I’m super paranoid about breathing near trees, grass, bushes and allowing my kids to eat lemons or anything with seeds, that’s for sure.

Then I started to think about the idea of having a tree growing in your body, especially your lungs. Trees make oxygen for us, in essence they are part of our life source, they filter the air so we can breath. This is a classic example of a too much of a good thing. I guess this is true in many parts of our life. When we overdo it on food, we get fat and unhealthy, when we listen to too much depressing music, it brings us down.

I think though it could work the other way too. We cannot have too much God, too much prayer or too much Bible, that is when too much of a good thing only makes us better. We just need to be careful not to be judgmental and judge others on their time spent with God.

Just so you know, the tree was removed and the man is well. He isn’t planning on wearing a mask in the woods or suing anyone or the forest. I’m still a bit nervous about hiking…


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