My Colby and Literature

I love that Colby loves to read. I love that he absorbs knowledge like a little sponge. He loves to read anything and has been listening to me read Little House on the Prairie. A year ago I read him The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. He asks questions, he actually understood the correlation between Aslan and Jesus. We are watching the movie and he is enthralled that CS Lewis created these characters and story lines. I can’t wait to share more timeless and classic literature with him as he grows and matures. He is in first grade but reads and understands well beyond a fourth grader. I honestly believe Ben and I genetically passed our love for books to him. He has a vivid imagination and it is a wonderful asset to his life. I love that he is who is and sometimes that is weird, but he is the same, even as a six year old. He thrives dressing up as a warrior and pretending to fight evil spirits and bad guys. I see great passion in him and I know his future is wide open, no matter what direction he goes in. He already knows what social justice is and believes he can help others. He has the gift of compassion and encouragement and the intelligence to bring it about!


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