Another New Year…

I am not a big New Year’s Resolution maker, but after my conversation with the Mister about money last night I realized I had to change a few things.

1. The drive through at Chick fil A is not a dinner option more than once a week

2. Just because its “on sale” doesn’t mean I need it

3. Seriously, start running again

4. Save, save, save

5. Use Coupons…really, USE them

I am asking the boys for a few things also.

1. Stop telling me how much you hate me because I won’t let you wear PJs to school or eat cake for breakfast

2. Pick up the legos, I’m tired of stepping on them

3. No pooping on the floor, even if it is in the bathroom

4. You are not entitled to everything you see, everywhere you go…in fact you are entitled to clothes, food and love, beyond that be thankful for what you get


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