Smarter than a 3 year old, sort of

B decided yesterday was the day to show his butt at school, not only his butt, his entire naked self, not literally, figuratively.  This is a short list of what he said/did:

  • Told the teacher he was bad Anikan
  • Told the teacher she was no longer his teacher
  • Told the teacher she was a dummy
  • Told the teacher she didn’t know what she was talking about
  • Told the administrator God wasn’t listening to her
  • He decided he was no longer going to pray (on Ash Wed of all days)

After close to an hour of being outside the classroom, he decided he was ready to be Benji again and rejoined the class, but stated he was NOT going to pray.

I was told all of this before I picked him and these were my resulting actions:

  • I told him I can’t hear him when he is naughty
  • I told him he was getting a spanking for being an ass naughty boy
  • Took away all Star Wars and Ghostbuster privileges (he cried about this and that made me feel sad, but also like this mattered)
  • He watched no TV
  • He went to bed early
  • He acted like a squirrel the rest of the night before bed

So, I’m not sure if he felt punished or not, but I am hoping today is going to be a good day.  I’m crossing all my fingers and toes and waiting to hear from his teacher.

Sometimes I wonder if I had fed him organic oatmeal if it would have made the difference…

Based on this pic taken the night before, I should have been prepared for the worst.  He refused to even put on clothes and was pissed because I made him wear underwear.


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