Necessary Goodbyes

I’ve been living with my parents since July of last year.  It works out well because we get along beautifully most of the time and when we don’t, we have our own wings of the house to run away to.  Usually we just yell and say the first thing that comes to our minds sit down calmly and discuss the situation until we come to a conclusion.  As an Army wife I visit my family quite a bit when my husbands gone.  This is the longest though and it will be hard to leave my parents.

My parents are solid people who love me and my children, and even my dog.  They have supported me through my entire life and they are my biggest fans.  (They even became my cheering section when I worked at Galyans in the Outdoor Apparel section.) When I can’t be with my warrior man, I come to my parents.  They always have open arms (and Mom believes in dessert after EVERY meal, even breakfast) and are full of love for my boys and me.  I feel comfortable with them, its easy for me to come home.

My sisters are close by and they are the epitome of well rounded sisters.  We share everything with each other (not EVERY thing) and I completely trust them with any and all secrets.  If they did ever betray my trust I’d have to cut their big toes off and they know I would.  My sisters spend so much time with my boys and me when we are here.  C and B love their cousins and B is in LOVE with Aunt Emily.  He asked her to marry him when he was old enough…and had a job.  Uncle Brady is the male influence they have while in Georgia.  According to the boys, he knows how to have fun and is the coolest guy, even cooler than the Ghostbusters (that is saying a lot coming from my boys).  We are going to miss Uncle Brady and Aunt Emily’s craziness.  It is going to be hard to transition from a life full of family back to a family of four.

That is what Colby calls us, a family of four.  He told me last week that he was happy to move back to CO so that Dad could come home and we could just be our family of four with Dad’s friends on the side.  Dad’s friends are his buddies, they guys he works with.  The boys see them as crazy uncles and they remember each of the ones who spend time in our home.  They do have their favorites though and “Fish” has been the topic of the week.  The boys have asked if I can adopt him and he can be their older brother.  Not sure what to follow that up with.

We have our blood family (not like the Cullens or anything) and we have our family of friends.  Leaving our Georgia family will be difficult.  I am going to miss everyone, but I must leave.  These are necessary goodbyes.  I miss my man even more and cannot wait to see him.  In the end this is how it is meant to be.  I have a need to be with my husband, to see him be a father to our children and my partner.  I also really need him to teach our boys how to pee IN the toilet, not ON it.

In two days I’ll make my epic journey to CO.  I hope we make it with all our minds intact.  If not, well, I’m sure it’ll be a hell of a trip.


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