Home Sweet Home

Two days after returning back to our house in Colorado, it feels like home again.  The house has the same quirks it had before I left, the same kids walk by every day at the same time and the boys still tear through the house and hit the same wall as before.  The only thing missing is my husband.  Although, the dog has taken his spot in the bed and she is sleeping soundly right now.  She has no idea how much he would hate her being on the bed and I don’t really care because it is just nice to have something warm and snoring next to me.

It really is a sweet home to me.  I could never get 100% comfortable anywhere else, but this is it.  This is where I feel it is fine to let it all hang out and relax. I love that my house is as old as my Mom! It has issues, just like my Mom, but they are endearing.  We have a wonderful yard with a fabulous playset that Warrior man built for the kids.

My favorite thing about my house is that there are lots of nooks and spaces for my random stacks of books.  I have too many books, thousands of books, and no where to put them, my bookshelves are full!  There are built in shelves, half walls, etc and ample floor space for my books.  I’m not a pack rat and the books are “artistically” placed around the house.  (No, I don’t have a toilet or a sofa on my front porch and my house in no way resembles a Hoarder’s TV show.)

I am home and feeling very comfortable and just wanted you all to know!


2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Your house sounds wonderful! I have a special place in my heart for older homes… we’re in our newest one now and it was built around ’64 (and I hope to live in it forever)… our oldest was around ’56. They have such character! And yours sounds just lovely! Welcome back home! – Michelle

  2. Hello there Gwen. Welcome to SITStas. I hope that you find the comment love and encourgement that means so much to all of us.
    Sounds like you have had quite an adventure these past few weeks. Take care and welcome.

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