THANK YOU! Biological Sisters, Pseudo Sisters and New Sisters?

I’m saying thank you to my sisters, my biological sisters and my pseudo sisters.  Because March is women’s history month, I’ve felt the need to share who some of the important women in my life are.  I decided to start with my sisters and sister-friends.

I have two, J and E and they are both younger than me, E being the youngest.  They are both such an important part of my life and I hate that we don’t live closer, 1,300 miles apart is such a pain in the neck.  The seven months that I lived in Georgia I was able to spend more time with them, get to know the “grown up” them and remember why I was so glad to have sisters.

E is the youngest and the thinnest and the most fashionable of the three of us, I hate her, most of the time.  She is also hilarious, strong-willed and extremely educated.  She once hit a guy for talking trash to me, seriously, I thought it was pretty damn cool.  She teaches about 10 Les Mills workouts a week and still finds time to do charity work with kids.  Benji loves her so very much and wants to marry her when he grows up.  Her husband Brady is the cat’s meow and is the best guy around for E.  He is the only guy I have ever met or will probably ever meet that is the ideal counterpart to my E.

J is a nurse, that alone is enough to say she is extremely sensible.  Her son fell out a two story window and she didn’t freak out, she did her nurse thing and guess what, he walked away with only a bruise.  All the while I was shaking and crying like a ninny.  J has two boys about the same age as mine, so we share mothering tips:  yes, it is ok to have green beans as a vegetable with every meal, Wii is a great babysitter, and no, I’m not sure where they heard that word that rhymes with suck, it wasn’t Aunt G for sure!  J can paint and decorate like nobody else and I love her sense of style.

I am so thankful to have two wonderful biological sisters.  I am also thankful for my pseudo sisters.  These are the women who stand in as my sisters when I’m far from my family in Georgia.  Liz and Angie and even those women I haven’t seen in years, but keep up with via the wonder that is the internet.  They tell it like it is, they put up with my crap and they go above and beyond what any fly-by-night friend would do.

Liz watched my house while I was gone for 7 months and helped me when my pipes froze and burst.  She cleaned my kitchen, washed my sheets, stocked my pantry-so I could come home and relax after driving three days, alone, with my two boys. She can quilt, craft, make jewelry, cook, do just about anything related to domestic divaness and she does it all well!  She tolerates my stupid questions and let me touch her super hero sewing machine once, only once.

Angie took boudoir pictures of me for my husband, that alone is enough to scare many people away, but she still considers herself a friend of mine!  She even stuck around after I beat her up pretty bad because she wouldn’t get in the car the night I was DD and it was 2 in the am and she kept crawling out the sunroof.  It was so funny, after the fact, but she still is my friend!  We Georgia girls have to stick together

I could name others who have supported me, loved me, told me the cold hard truth and just kept me company through tough times.  I’m so thankful for the strong women in my life.  I’m excited about new friendships and hoping that I’ll continue to add friends of caliber along the way.  Again, thank you to my sisters, without whom I’d probably have stuck my head in a stove and given up!


6 thoughts on “THANK YOU! Biological Sisters, Pseudo Sisters and New Sisters?

  1. Being able to comment on your site is such a great thing. I kinda feel like I won the lottery or something. 🙂

    What I have been trying to tell you for days is how much I enjoy your writing. You really do have a way with words….as is especially evident in this post!

    Keep up the fantastic work.

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