Health Care Reform and Me?

I am not an expert, I never claimed to be.  However, there is something wrong with this HCR bill.  When the vote is split so clearly and there is bipartisanship that leans to the no, I see an issue!

I’m having a hard time with those who don’t seem to care.  I have a hard time watching people who didn’t vote in the election complain about the current situation.  If you didn’t vote then, you gave up your voice!

I worry about how this will affect my military family and me!  We pay nothing for our healthcare, but we give so very much.  This was such a quick, push it through vote, could they not have waited?

I’m concerned about the future of our social structure and our government.  I’m worried about how much power we are giving to the government.  I’d love to hear your opinions on this subject.


5 thoughts on “Health Care Reform and Me?

  1. I no longer live in the “United” States of America. This vote just split this country up in ways that no one can see coming. I have never seen so much arrogance, hate and flat out dissregard for the people of America by the people who represent them. I am ashamed of my country tonight. Claim it if you want, I could care less.

  2. I personally am for it! Do I think it was pushed, yes – but I think it was pushed because there were efforts to bog it down in debate for the sake of debate. I work everyday watching people who make too much to receive government assistance, but make too little to afford proper health coverage. These people are dying because they are trapped in an insurance limbo. I am glad that these folks will now be able to receive some form of healthcare.

  3. I think there were a few good things in this bill clouded by MANY personal agendas that needed to be left out.

    I think what it will eventually mean for us military families is that we will be waiting even longer to see doctors when we’re referred out. What we already pay for our dental and glasses will probably go up, and I see it rising significantly. This is sad, because I already wonder how many military families forgo the dental insurance because they can’t afford the premiums. I have my doubts that we will ever see decent mental health coverage, so I’m resigned to bills like what we were paying for my son’s therapy – $100/session with insurance.

    For the people who think they want the government to manage their health care, talk to a military family. It’s hell if you need anything other than routine care. Better buy stock in Motrin because that’s the cure all we get prescribed.

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