I need this, for me

My husband spends more months away from me than he does with me.  He does work, most of the time, but he has down time, interesting trips and he has great stories about interesting times with his friends.  I work as a homemaker, mother, wife, pseudo blogger.  I don’t leave the house unless its with the kids, to see the doctor, to visit friends with kids, under strict time restraints of when to return.

Since having kids I have very few, VERY FEW stories that don’t involve statements like, “Benji said this,” “Colby did that,”  “That one time when I had a babysitter…” Three years ago I was able to fly home to Georgia for four days after my father was recovering from being hit by a drunk driver.  That is the last time I’ve spent an overnight away from my children.  I think I’m due a few days away.

I have to opportunity to attend Chirp.  Enough said, right, you all get the hugeness of that, right?  I would be able to be at an event that isn’t centered around children, being a mother, trying to be a better mother, a religious conference.  It would be simply for my personal growth.  On top of that, a super awesome friend of mine would be there and I’d be staying with her! Kristen Manley has offered to let me stay with her, in San Francisco! It would be almost like a girl’s retreat. She is a twitter friend and indulges me in Words With Friends games.

My husband says it isn’t work related, I say it is sanity related.  He says what is he supposed to do with the kids, I say do what I do every day and night, be their Dad.  I have to say I’m a little miffed that I don’t get a few days away just because I don’t “work” outside the home.

I want to go and I’m pissed off that I’m currently getting a no because it doesn’t make sense to him.


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