No responsibility, none, zero, please

I would like three straight days of no responsibilities, nobody to discipline, nobody to bathe, nobody to feed, nobody to ask me “why.” I love my kids, I do, but I would like to sleep in, eat when I want, take care of myself and no one else.  I relish the thought of watching something other than Sprout, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network.  I don’t want to worry about whether the dog was fed or watered.  I’d like to not wash clothes, sweep the floor or wipe an ass.

Is this too much to ask? Please tell me why, when a SAHM asks for a day or few off, people say, you just want to get away from your kids and they say it like its a bad thing.  YES, yes I do want some time off.  I’m thankful to be a SAHM and be able to mother my children 24/7, but I get tired and I need my batteries recharged.  I need to have adult conversations and personal freedom.  I need NEED to pee alone.


5 thoughts on “No responsibility, none, zero, please

  1. Why? Because how DARE a mother ask for time off! That’s so un-motherly! We should want to be surrounded, even smothered by, our children. Didn’t you know??

    Ugh. We love our children dearly. They are a part of us and there is nothing we would not do for those little snots. In spite of that, the giving giving giving and to be so in demand emotionally, mentally, and physically day after day takes it toll. People don’t understand or want to understand and I think that a lot of it comes from that archaic belief that we should just be satisfied no matter what.

    You know what, though? I personally think it’s good for the kids to NOT have Mom around for a few days every now and then. I really do think that they need a break from Mom, too. That is not a bad thing.

    I hope you get your break.

  2. Oh, to pee alone! You definetly deserve a few days off. Maybe you could compromise and go to Denver or something and stay in a hotel. That way you aren’t all the way in San Fransisco so maybe Ben will feel better about it in case there is a true emergency. I don’t know, just an idea. Wish I lived closer, I’d take the boys for you.

  3. I wish we lived closer… I’d let your children stay here! I TOTALLY understand needing a break! And I will gladly admit I need a break from my kids… nothing bad mom about it! ♥ Michelle

  4. I am also a SAHM ~ I think you need the trip if for no other reason than for your husband to recognize how hard your job really is at home with the kids 24/7 ~ I hope that you get your much needed break!!

  5. Thank you guys for the kind thoughts. I think my husband is nervous about having to be alone with the boys. I haven’t been away overnight from my kids in almost three years! He has been away for eight months too and I think that is part of his apprehension. We’ll see!

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