I Can Live With That…Today

There are so many things that make me crazy!  I’m sure you could include a few of your own.

  • DVD/Video game cases on top of my entertainment center make me feel like the family room is cluttered.  Why did I get a cabinet with doors to shut out the TV if I just have to look at the cases piled on top?
  • Half A$$ jobs.  My husband excels at planning household and yard projects.  He starts them with great fervor, but fizzles out in the middle.  There are quite a few projects in my house that need to be finished, including, but not limited to: the new dishwasher was put in, but the finishing wasn’t. So, everytime I load the bottom rack the dishwasher tips a little because it isn’t securely attached to the cabinet it is in.
  • There are random Army books, clothes, backpacks, little pieces of “what is this” all over my house.  My husband brings in things and just sets them down on anything that doesn’t move.  This also includes many, many pieces of paper with little scribbles, notes, I actually found one from over a year ago, he said save it he may need it…right.
  • People who walk down the middle of aisles in stores or down the middle of a row of parking spaces
  • My husband stays up and plays video games til 3 or 4am in the morning, at least 4 days a week

There are also some more serious things that make me feel so sad:

  • Someone I love makes a bad choice, I give my opinion and they get angry at me.
  • Friends who move away, right when we were getting to know each other
  • My husband feeling extremely disconnected when he is deployed, which is usually at least six months of every year

Sometimes I even wake up and feel if I can just get up, get dressed, feed the kids, get them to school and keep everyone from hurting themselves I will feel accomplished.  Some days I want to avoid everyone and just close off the rest of the world.  I learned something in a group I attended for families of addicts and it has helped me get through many rough days.

“Living just for today relieves the burden of the past and the fear of the future. We learned to take whatever actions are necessary and to leave the results in the hands of our Higher Power.

I have learned that I can live with that (whatever small or big things are getting on my nerves or hurting my heart), just for today.  Just for today, I can let the mess go, let the friend or family member off the hook for hurting me, live with not hearing from my husband, etc.  I can live with all that…just for today.


3 thoughts on “I Can Live With That…Today

  1. The dishwasher should be an easy fix so long as you have a drill (if you need one or maybe you can just screw it into the holes from the old one if it was screwed in), and a Philips screwdriver.

    Also the legs. If the dishwasher isn’t level, you can screw and unscrew, so to speak, the legs to raise and lower the feet things so that it’s level.

    As for the rest of it..feel your pain. My husband half-asses things from the get-go, if I’m lucky to get him started on a project, and then I have to go back and fix it, if possible.

    Sick of the Army crap, and WTH does he need 14 sets of ACUs!? And about 20 of those brown shirts. I need to start throwing some out. He wears the same one for 3-4 days straight anyway.

    I’ll stop. I’m in a funk and can’t seem to shake it. Bitching [more] will just make me feel worse again. I think I’ll go put my storage thing together to occupy my mind. lol

  2. it is bound to get better. hang in there! i understand all too well the list of things that make you sad, especially the first one. sometimes i feel like i should just put my head in a hole too but it certainly isn’t the answer. thank you for being a patriot for our country, you might not be the one fighting but you are keeping things at home for one who is.

  3. I’ve wondered about the doors on our TV cabinet before… it looks so much nicer when they’re shut, but they’re always wide open to see the JUNK! And we have tons of unfinished projects around here… a tree house I’m hoping we’ll be done by next year. 😉 It can get crazy! I’m praying for you… Today. ♥ Michelle

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