WTH? no, really did that just happen?

I love this picture! I laugh every single time I see it.  Every since Warrior Man decided to make this his FB profile pic I’ve thought about it.  I still have no idea what that is.  If you know I’d LOVE to hear.  The closest we’ve come is a dog or a kokopelli statue.

Anywho, today was one of those days when I just couldn’t help but think, really, was that for real? What was that? When my son walks around with his “magic boot” declaring the house clear of all negative entities, I wondered where did he hear that and FINALLY, they are gone!  By the way, the inlaws left today, coincidence? I think not!

(Just kidding, I love my inlaws very much, just couldn’t resist the joke.)

The dog we are watching for a few days was in the pool, drinking water and came out to bite at the sprayer as I watered my garden!  I loved it and belly laughed a good 5 minutes watching him.

Our cat, with no claws, killed 2 moths and a spider and ate them.  I knew she was a killer, but she was on a roll tonight.

I still laugh at my husband’s farts.  I know that sounds gross, but I think as long as we can laugh at the gross stuff, we’ll last a little bit longer.  Let me say though, I do NOT enjoy farts under the covers or close to my head.

Last night BOTH my sisters called me to rant about the woman who was drunk and hit our Dad while he was jogging.  There isn’t much we can do about this lunatic, but a nice “wish we could…” fest always helps us feel a little better.  (Some random ideas were:  beat her with a pipe, slash her tires, knock her knees out, ruin her credit, toilet paper he house, etc.)Almost two and half years later, she still hasn’t gone to court and I’m pretty pissed about that.  My dad had to learn to walk again, learn to do almost everything from the neck down and he still will never have full use of his body that he had before she ran over him.  I’m glad my father is the great man he is and has come through this experience wiser than ever and still smiling.  As for me, I want to find the biggest, meanest people around and let them keep people away while I beat the crap out of the (insert worst word to describe a drunk driving woman here).  ***You can read more about Dad’s story here, here, & here. As of this week, Dad can walk with a cane and can drive again.  Although, we’ve tried to dissuade him from taking up jogging until we can get a car with flashers to follow him everywhere.***

Another bird ran into my front window, stumbled around a bit and flew off.

A traveling salesman from England came to my door at 8:15 to sell educational books.  I wasn’t wearing a bra and the kids were walking around in 3D glasses with light sabers.  I hope he remembers that and never returns.

Hubs said he  doesn’t think Colby has a future in baseball…He said this to me as if I were banking on Colby becoming a baseball star…Colby is 7, doesn’t really like it anyway and is destined for greatness in some sort of performance arts or hockey.

It is 10:45pm, I’m really tired and I can’t sleep.  I need to so I’ll grab a book, some lemon water and hit the sack.  I’m sure I’ll dream about the funny moments of my day, including all the ones that I didn’t mention.


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