They may be having one hell of a party in New York for BlogHer10, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have your own fun at HomeHer10! What? You haven’t heard of it yet?! Just wait this is going to change your life!  If you still don’t know what it is check BackpackingDad out.

Why pay hundreds of dollars to get into one of the most influential Blog parties of the year when you can move it and shake it with the hundreds of bloggers who are giving it there all right in their own home! In honor of all the awesome bloggers holding down the homefront I’m having a giveaway!  That is right, you have the opportunity to win a unique, one of a kind swag bag filled with everything you need to have a kick ass HomeHer10.

It will include the following AWESOME prizes!

No kitchen is complete without a simple meal the whole family can enjoy – Macaroni and Cheese and a can of green beans!  when you just don’t feel like going all out, but want to make sure the kids are eating their vegetables this is the go-to meal! We aren’t just giving you plain ol’ mac and cheese you are getting the SPIRALS by Kraft and best green beans Green Giant has to offer.

Of course you’ll need something to carry it in, so why not try this all purpose reusable bag! It is brown, goes with any ensemble and you can use it in so many ways.  We’ll be holding a breakout session on how to modify this bag to meet your needs.  I give you the ultimate brown paper bag.

I sure hope you haven’t done your laundry yet, because our presentation on 100 ways to use a dryer sheet is what you want.  This fabulous swag bag will include dryer sheets, brand new, unused dryer sheets.  Guaranteed not to stick to the back of your pants while grocery shopping or dropping the kids off at camp or school or the corner of the nearest street.  We’ve heard a rumor that silver spoons are being handed out at BlogHer10, what a waste, they’ll just end up in the toilet.  We have a better option: plastic sporks.  They are multipurpose tools for the on the go blogger.  They travel well and can be used to spear things or eat pudding with.

All those party people in NY are getting their drink on, we’ll we haven’t forgotten you!  Crystal Lite makes just the thing for any jet setter heading to the pool, the park, the grocery store, etc.  Carry these easy to use packets, mix with water or any alcoholic drink of your choice and boom- you are money!

The last and certainly not least item in this one of a kind swag bag is a brand new, clean t-shirt!  That’s right it comes without spitup, ketchup, boogers, milk, or last night’s dinner on it.  It is one size fits all, assuming you are smaller than an X-Large.  So there you go! You can be the winner of those wonderful prizes for sharing your HomeHer10 story.  We’ll pick a winner on Sunday! Just post your best memory of this awesome HomeHer10 weekend in the comments section.

***Of course this is a real giveaway! So go, NOW, tell your HomeHer10 story!

Because all of these answers are awesome and I anticipate the rest are going to be just as fun, I’ll be using Random.org to pick the winner.

*****Congrats to Jordan P.  I will be emailing you soon to get your address and get your super duper HomeHer10 prize pack! ******

Thanks to random.org for choosing the winner!


37 thoughts on “HomeHer10

  1. I attended BlogHer #1 — 2005

    And as many as I could thereafter. It often collided with a child’s competition.

    This was before it was “Influential Blog parties of the year”. I’ve never cared about shoes or clothes. If folk don’t care about what I write, why should I care about what they think about what I wear?

    I wish I were there in New York. I like meeting the people I interact with online. I’ve literally never been disappointed with inreallife meetups.

    I am not so enthused about people talking about swag or sponsorships. On the gripping hand….hey, times are tough. I should not criticize a person who wouldn’t be able to travel to New York or pay for a conference (let alone the hotel costs) without a sponsorship.

    My inreallife pal Shannon Rosa is moderating a panel tomorrow The Autism Panel and I’d like to be there to support her, and to meet some of the folk I haven’t yet met, and to hear what is said.

    Oh, well, it didn’t happen this year for a number of reasons. In the meantime, I am finding #HomeHer10 laughoutloud funny.

  2. Hahaha! I love it! I had planned to go to BlogHer this year but had to sell my ticket – with my packed schedule this month, it just wasn’t feasible, sadly. My best memory of this HomeHer 10 weekend will be enjoying these special HomeHer giveaways. 😀

  3. You rock so hard. I feel so much better rocking my mountain of laundry at HomeHer10 knowing I’m in company like yours.

    Of course, while everyone is in NYC, I’m at home, running around topless outside, chasing children, and trying to fight off Mosquitos while getting high on Deet. My conference rocks.

    • I want a ticket to that conference!! Those women dressed up in NYC will be totally jealous of the bra-less, barefoot wonders!

      Wait… they’ll probably be bra-less and barefoot too. DAMMIT.

      Pass the Deet, I need a hit.

  4. Don’t forget the afterparty, with catering brought to you by the infamous Orville R., whose cuisine has recently branched out to the cheesy and spicy nacho flavors. Entertainment is a STEAL when you head over to the RedBox and pick up the newest in celebucation/edutainment. Might I suggest the book of Eli?

  5. So fellow #HomeHer10 attendees..what’s on the agenda for this hopping Friday night? I’m sure one of us has exciting, chic parties to attend to!

  6. You guys are awesome! Can’t wait to hear what everybody has on their agenda today for HomeHer10.

    Erin, I’m loving the clean house by the end of BlogHer. While everybody else is coming home to whiny kids, messy houses and overextended partners; we’ll be riding high in a clean house. I’d never be able to promise a happy child or happy partner, that’s just a fairy tale.

  7. This…is awesome.

    I have to admit that so far my favorite moment was seeing the t-shirts. You know you are attending a kickass event when there are t-shirts.

    I’m already working on doing a giveaway of my own now that I’m all inspired and stuffs…

  8. Mmm! Spirals! My favorite. The #HomeHer10 hashtag is heee-larious. I loves it. My HomeHer experience will be spent clotheslining the laundry and getting outdoors with conference pals (husband. kids.)

    HomeHer10 has fantastic “do it yourself” childcare facilities.

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  10. Well, I had a bit a trouble getting thru security, an over zealous agent (husband) frisked me and then took me to the security room causing me to miss my flight.

    I did like the spacious room that I had booked. Someone put a lot of work into the quilt, I ended up taking it which is probably discouraged, but I got caught up in the frenzy.

    My favorite sessions were Pairing Wine with Whine, and my own “How not to kill your husband when he asks “what did you lose?” when he sees you cleaning.”

    I would say my least favorite part was the lack of chocolate supplied and the housekeeping was shoddy, to say the least.

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  13. I love every part of this post. You and Backpacking Dad get my vote for Conference King and Queen of this year’s HomeHer 10.

    P.S. Here’s an AMAZING coincidence: I already have five HomeHer 10 T-shirts in my dresser drawer RIGHT NOW! What are the odds!!

  14. I’m popping by in between sessions. I ran up to my room to get a drink out of the fridge and it was empty? WTH? I thought they kept these things stocked…am thinking housekeeping raided it.

    I’m also really disappointed with the accomodations. They have still not come to makeup the bed and I have no clean towels. To top that off, how about there is an empty roll of toilet paper ON THE ROLLER in the bathroom…yea, they put a new roll out, but they didn’t put it ON THE ROLL ?

    Maybe all this great swag will make up for the shortcomings 😀

  15. my favorite part was my teenager trying to get a hug while i was actively pooping. on the toilet. in the bathroom. wearing only panties around my ankles.

  16. I’ve had such a great time reading about all of the fabulous, very useful sessions. Enjoying meeting new people, too. There’s so much funny out there! Goes well with my new “Drink more, bitch less” mantra.

  17. Whew. This conference has been exhausting! Our 2 day session on how NOT to do a garage sale (FYI, in the rain, when it’s 100 degrees, in a city that does not allow signs) was a rousing FAIL. Not to be let down we are no beginning the week long, HOLY SH*T WE ARE MOVING IN A WEEK AND HAVENT PACKED session.
    Love the swag.

  18. This is too funny !!!! My best HomeHer10 story would be reading about what all the attendess were eating this weekend while at #HomeHer10

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