***Lots of linking up going on for HomeHer10 I just can’t keep up!***

I’m not up on linking to other blogs and such, but I really wanted a place to see all the kick butt blog posts, giveaways, whatevas about Home Her 10.  So, I’d love for you to post here, link up here, do whatever so that we can see the most information about this MockUConference that is taking over Twitter!

Major Kudos to BackPacking Dad for his brilliant organization skills and getting this thing going!

And to Toni for the amazing HomeHer10 logo!

Back to School Swag Bag giveaway here from 4 Baby and Mom!

Momma Findings: Bloggers Unite at #HomeHer10

@MaryBeauty giving away swag for #HomeHer10 here


6 thoughts on “#HomeHer10

  1. Yes I can’t keep up with all of the link-ups as well. I didnt realize there were so many when I started my Blogher Pity Party! Thanks for linking up with us. I am finding some awesome new blogs to read – like yours!

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