Charity Season Is Upon US!

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by Charity Season?  It is almost October so that means the bell ringers are going to be out soon.  People are going to start asking for turkeys and seasonal food donations. All the non-profit organizations will start soliciting in overtime. So here’s my questions:

  • Do you donate more, the same or not at all during this season?
  • Who do you donate to?
  • How or What do you donate?

I am going to do my usual Goodwill donations, because they are an organization I believe in and feel good supporting.  My church is doing a winter clothes drive, so I’m going to clean out all the closets and give our gently used and too small winter clothes to them.  A group from my church feeds the homeless twice a month at a local shelter.  I’m going to help with the special Thanksgiving dinner by cooking something and serving it!  I’m going to include my kids in this one because I want them to see all they can do to make a difference.  I hope they’ll also learn about giving and see that they have SO much to be thankful for.

I believe in local charity very strongly. Charity is not a hand out or a freebie.  When I give, it is because I genuinely care about these people and want them to know they are not forgotten or looked down upon.  I want them to know that we love them and care about their well being.  I can’t buy them homes or give them jobs, but I can cook and serve and give what I have.


2 thoughts on “Charity Season Is Upon US!

  1. I think I tend to do a little more giving around this time of the year…but it is also hard because there is so much more spending being done just on my family – special meals, gifts, clothes, etc.

    I am considering sponsoring a child with World Vision, which will spread that giving out over the course of the year! And my kids can be involved in picking the child and sending notes and packages to a child in need.

  2. I spread-out giving throughout the year.

    I heard once that two-thirds of all charitable giving in the U.S. each year was in the six weeks prior to Christmas.

    I think charities would actually make more money if they sperad-out their fundraising across the entire year.

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