I LOVE Technology!

But not as much as you and me…

I love the age of technology I live in and I don’t take it for granted, ever.  Last night I was online at the boy’s karate class and my husband chatted in via iChat.  He was able to watch a bit of the boys karate class, from Iraq.  That was totally cool, for them, for me, for him.  He was able to talk to them about what they were learning, give them a few tips and share in our daily routine.

As an Army wife, I find that technology keeps me linked up with friends via Twitter, Facebook, my blog and of course email.  My husband stays in touch, almost daily, with our family life thanks to the world wide webs and our Macs.  We have found that our Mac laptops give us everything we need to stay connected, despite the thousands of miles between us.  He had dinner with us last night, we ate at the table, had a family conversation and all thanks to a simple camera and the internet.

When I think of wives who were separated from their husbands in World War II, Vietnam and Korea I wonder how they did it.  I admire their tenacity and their ability to write letters and wait patiently for a letter to come in the mail.  How many days did they wait for one letter, that was usually months old? They were able to cling to hope and love despite the inability to communicate in real time.

We are so lucky to have our families at our fingertips.  I can text my family in Georgia with a silly joke or impromptu photo caught on my phone.  I can share daily events with my husband, who is far away, with the simple click of a button.  Twitter helps me make new friends, Facebook keeps me in touch with old friends.  I can see the news as it happens thanks to live blogging and instant uploading.

This is all wonderful and puts me at ease, but the minute my internet goes down, which happens, I feel like a part of me is gone.  When I lost the internet connection at home, one morning, I immediately started listing the places I could go to get online.  I’ve recently started working for a website and it has made me add one more item to my list when choosing where to eat, what airline to fly, even which hotels to stay at when I’m out of town – do they have wifi?

My kids even know we need the internet.  My oldest is already extremely adept at sending emails and playing online games.  The four year old is sure we can find anything we need or want online and have it sent to us in a matter of days.  This does help when he is into Ghostbusters, which is virtually impossible to get in person at local stores.  We read most of our books on the kindle and we can grab the new bestseller almost instantly.  They are looking forward to the XBox Kinect and Netflix is our primary way to watch movies.  We DVR shows we don’t want to miss, we reserve DVDs on Redbox, so we can pick them up and then watch them on the laptop.

I’m working to stay on top of security issues, I’ve followed OPSEC (Operational Security) for years and I realize not all technology is good for us.  Deep down inside, I sometimes long for the days of the written word and beautiful handwriting on a personal letter.  Overall, I say technology has kept our family close, despite too many times apart.  I embrace it and I’m always looking for the next big thing that will help us stay in touch even more.


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