GoodWill is Good for Me!

I’m two months into my three month Goodwill personal challenge. I’ve done so well finding things I need at Goodwill! After I bought the boy’s Halloween costumes at Goodwill I went back, the week before Halloween and found decorations for super cheap.  I also found a great hand towel rack and some cute shoes for me.  I’ve loved being able to avoid Walmart.

In the last two months I’ve learned there are lots of things I don’t need to buy at all and that there are things I can find at Goodwill if I am patient and take the time to look.  I’m holding out for some pieces of furniture that I want to buy: a buffet and an old dresser.  I want both of these pieces to be originally from the 1940s or before.  It sounds crazy, but I know they will come through my Goodwill or another one that is close by.  I visit my local Goodwill weekly, just to see what’s new.  I’m sure I could visit daily and there would be new things coming in.

This month, I’m hoping to find Christmas Decorations and a super tacky Christmas sweater for a party. Who knows, I may even find some unique Christmas gifts for those hard to buy for people!

I challenge you to search Goodwill for Christmas Decorations before buying new at a chain retailer! I’d love to see what you find, so come back and share with me if you find something amazing!


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