My Good Life Thanks To Goodwill

My self imposed Goodwill challenge is coming to an end.  I cannot tell you how much I have saved, really, I can’t.  I have no idea how much money I’ve saved by not heading to Walmart or Target to buy things I needed.  I went to Goodwill first and most of the time I found the exact item I needed or something close or I realized I didn’t really need it.  My last trip to the Good will was last week.  I needed two carry on bags for my boys for our upcoming holiday travels.

I knew there were probably going to be a few travel bags there, but I wasn’t sure what condition they would be in.  We found a selection of about 10 bags.  The boys were able to pick out their favorite colors and I found my favorite thing about shopping at Goodwill, the price. Instead of paying anywhere from $30 to $50 per suitcase, I only paid $3.99 each! We also picked up two dinosaur puzzles for $.99 each.  I would say that was a good day!

This week and next week I’ll be traveling from Colorado Springs to Austin, Texas for the Thanksgiving holiday.  I am hoping to find some good books for the boys to read from our local Goodwill.  I’d like to visit a few different Goodwills on our trip down and see what sort of treasures we find in different cities.


2 thoughts on “My Good Life Thanks To Goodwill

  1. GOODWILL ROCKS! so your still going to shop there right?? Ah if you ever go to Athens you must go to the American thrift Store! I just went and it was hands down the best thrift store ever (mostly for clothes)! Have fun travels 🙂

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