Sunday Scoop

It’s Sunday night, it’s been a VERY long week, I hate the Army, again and I’m going to give you the scoop.

  • I miss my husband because I can’t get into Christmas without someone to commiserate with.
  • I went out Thursday night, with my boss, who is awesome and took my first taxi in Colorado Springs.
  • I bought my kids an XBox 360 Kinect and I CANNOT wait to open it and play it.
  • My internet friends totally rock: you know, the ones who live in the computer & you rarely see in real life.
  • Thankful for a housesitter I can trust when I go to Georgia for Christmas.
  • If you didn’t know, I work for now! Perfect job for me.
  • I visited my family in Texas, well my husband’s older brother and his family, for Thanksgiving. My nieces are teenagers, one drives and my sister in law is incredible. I haven’t seen them in 5 years, so it was lots of fun.
  • I got a ticket driving through Scurry County, TX for going 10 miles over the speed limit. I will drive out of my way to NEVER drive through that desolate, corrupt part of TX again. $160 freaking dollars for 10 miles over.
  • I got to see my dear friend Denise Sober and her family in Lubbock, TX on my way down!  7 years was too long. Benji fell hard for her oldest daughter.
  • I got to see our friend Jeff Moe, while in Austin. He is an amazing guy who we were blessed to be friends with in our unit here in Colorado.  He got smart, got out and is finishing up a masters degree.  He’s also single, ladies!
  • My dog has ear issues and the cat smells like skank.

So there you have it, most of what’s been going on in my life for the last two weeks.  I think on Sundays I may just start giving you the scoop, if you care to read, have at it!


3 thoughts on “Sunday Scoop

  1. I like reading the my719moms things – I didn’t know you worked for them. Very cool!! Our dog has constant ear issues and unfortunately makes him smell unsavory! If you do a Sunday Scoop every sunday (ha ha that is a bit sunday redundant!) maybe I’ll start back with my blog (once I make it alll snazzy!!!) and join you. That would be fun!!

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