I Like To Fight

I like a good fight. Not a real fist fight, of course I do, on occasion, day dream about beating the crap out of someone who deserves to be beaten. I like a good verbal confrontation. I love debating. I enjoy debating hot topics with almost anyone, almost. I prefer to debate with people I know who are competent and of a sound mind. Strangers are an unknown.

I could be in the middle of debating any topic and if someone pulls Wikipedia out, as a defense, they immediately lose all clout with me. If Wikipedia is not good enough for college professors, it isn’t good enough for me.  I recently saw a post on Facebook questioning if Martin Luther King, Jr. was really all society credits him with.  In my own mind, he was a good leader, who crusaded for truth. Despite his personal shortcomings, i.e. affairs, I believe he was pivotal in bringing about change in societies mindset.  I enjoy good banter between friends.

Football, primarily college football, is one of my favorite things to talk about with friends. I know a bit more than most women and find that most men don’t take me seriously. Shock value is a useful tool.  It is easy for me to get caught up in a hot topic such as abortion, breastfeeding, stay at home moms versus work out of the home moms.

I love a good debate where I can give my opinions, listen or read other opinions and walk away still friends.  I have some friends, good friends of ours, who I loved talking about politics with. They are gone now, but, I remember the laid back discussions, over a beer or two or four, and we always walked away with a better understanding of each other and politics.

Do most people enjoy arguing, just for the fun of it? I don’t know. Sometimes, I think people take it too personal and get angry or personal in their banter.  I miss having discussions about teen sex, politics and attachment parenting with people who just wanted to debate it, as friends.   It is OK to disagree with your friends, it is good to listen to opposing viewpoints, it is healthy.


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