His First Girlfriend…My First Nemesis

Today, on the way home from karate my seven year old son told me about his girlfriend. HIS GIRLFRIEND! I was shocked, I know kids have girls they like, girls they play with, girls who have interests in the things they like. I was not ready for this. He’s SEVEN! He said that they hold hands. I asked them how they became girlfriend and boyfriend.

His response, “She plays with me at recess and we chase each other. She gave me two airheads for Valentine’s Day.”

Benji, my four year old steps in and says, “I ate your two airheads.” I almost couldn’t hold my laughter.

I asked him if they hold hands, “sometimes,” he says. SOMETIMES? WHAT? NO! NO! NO! Of course I have to ask if he’s kissed her. He said, “No, because I’d have to chase her around the playground.”

Really? I had to stop right there and tell him, you either ask to kiss her or she asks. There’s no wiggle room there and NEVER NEVER NEVER kiss her at school. Brilliant on my part, because outside of school they don’t see each other. I’m super smart.

He said he would never kiss her at school and he would ask her first if he had the chance. He did tell me there was another boy looking to be her boyfriend and there was no way he was letting that kid win. I sighed. He was ready to fight for this girl. He said he wouldn’t fight at school and not until he had his blue belt, what a boy of chivalry.

I’m not sure I want to know that this is happening in a second grade class. Already, my heart is aching for him. If this is what happens at seven, I know there will be other girls at 11 and 15 and older. I don’t want him to be heart broken, he will, it happens to all of us.

He asked what was the best age to get married. I told him after he was finished with college and had a job that paid for his house, car and clothes.

His response, “I guess that means when I’m 30, because I have a lot of learning to do.”

He gets it, even if it’s just a little bit.

Today, my seven year old grew up a little in my heart. I swear if that girl makes him cry I will be merciless.


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