I’m Still Here…Mostly

I spent the last month on “vacation.” When I asked my husband where we were going on vacation, he said, “Home.”

I didn’t get it, “Home?”

“Home,” he said, “As in Georgia, home, home.”

I got it and realized he hasn’t been home to Georgia in almost five years. He hasn’t seen where he grew up in years.  He hasn’t seen his extended family for years. He hasn’t seen my family in as many years.

For the last month we’ve been playing tourist in our home state of Georgia. We visited Six Flags over Georgia, Stone Mountain, Lake Lanier Islands, and just relaxed with the family. We even went to an Atlanta Braves’ game, that just happened to go 19 innings and made Braves’ history as the longest game on record for the team.

The best part of this vacation was spending time with my family. They got to see what I love about my husband. He’s an awesome father and they witnessed his ability to diffuse almost any situation with our boys. He showed off his cooking skills. He is an amazing cook and can get plain chicken to taste edible. They got to know the man I married and understood why I stay married to him.

The second best part, a mini-vacation for 5 days, without kids, just the husband and me.  We drove up to Pennsylvania, for a wedding. We did tourist stuff in Philadelphia and Hershey. We ate crabcakes in Baltimore. We reconnected and remembered why we love each other. It wasn’t the same as ten years ago, it was better. It is a trip that reunited us with some of our best friends and each other.

Going home is always a good thing. The kids spent time with their family and learned about where they come from. I think everyone should do a hometown vacation at least once. Leaving is always hard, living far from family isn’t easy. We love our home in Colorado and sometimes believe this is where we’ll be forever. Going home is healthy and satisfies the soul.

Now that I’ve been renewed I’m back and better. I’ve found a sense of who I am and what I am.  I can’t wait to tell you how life is with the husband home, since he’s been gone for the majority of the last five years. He’s home now, for good, according to his side of the story.  Don’t worry, I’ll let you know how honest he is when it comes to his “Business” travels.


2 thoughts on “I’m Still Here…Mostly

  1. my husband and I went “home” a few weeks ago too. It was so good to just sit and swing and just “be” in the place we grew up 🙂

  2. I know it’s good to go “home” every once in a while, but I’m glad you’re back. I look forward to connecting with you on a more personal level during this upcoming year and look forward to our crochet “lessons.”

    Colorado *IS* my home so I know how good it feels to return every time I’ve been away.


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