There is No Plan B

About a month ago I quit my job.  It was very freeing and a very difficult choice.  I decided to focus on the education I needed to get my certification as a teacher here in Colorado.  I have a degree, but no educational experience or learning.  The biggest part of quitting a job meant losing a little bit of money, really, it was only a little bit of money.  However, a few hundred dollars can sometimes make a big difference.

We rearranged our budget, let a few things go and made it work.  Our savings looks good, all the bills are paid and we even have some left each pay period for fun.  However, I had a thought hit me tonight: There is NO Plan B. Huz isn’t going to lose his job, so that’s not a fear.  I’m a little overwhelmed with free time. I know, this isn’t really a complaint, but sometimes it is difficult to choose what to do with the free time: sewing, watching shows on NetFlix, reading, crafting, exercising, and there is always school now.

However, there is part of me that thinks a part time job would be ideal, but then I have the boys all summer and I don’t want to deal with childcare.  So, here I sit with the realization that there is no plan B.  There is going to be no job for me for a while.  Unless I get a great offer from Pinterest to check out the humor and kid’s pins for hours everyday.  A girl can dream, right?


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