Our “Out of this World” Vacation to Roswell UFO Festival

This year we decided to take a few short vacations instead of one long one.  The first trip was to Roswell, New Mexico. We decided it would be super fun to check out he Roswell UFO Festival. Of course we’ve never been there, never heard anything about it, and had no idea what we were in for.

The drive down wasn’t so bad. Grace had to be in the middle of everything, the entire drive.

This was our home for the four days we were there. It was a nice little cottage that was fully stocked with eggs from the owner’s chickens, green chiles, and everything we needed to make waffles. Grace loved it when we were there with her. Of course, while we were gone, it was a different story.

She decided to personalize it and add a little “Grace flair.” We had to pay $350 for this to be replaced and the door because she chewed a bit off the bottom.

The boys checking out real aliens at the Roswell UFO Museum. A lady was complaining because they charged to come in the museum. “Such a shame charging people to visit a museum.” I’m guessing she thought the government was funding this museum.

Yes, boys, they did a full dissection of “Skinny Bob” because he landed in the wrong place and was somewhere he shouldn’t have been. There’s a life lesson for you.

R2D2 Mailbox, of course we didn’t have stamps and who sends snail mail anymore, anyway?

We visited the local “zoo.” It was depressing and full of animals we saw on our trip there or animals we’ve seen while hiking, or animals that were shot by drunk hunters and saved by the humanitarians like this guy, Poe Corn. Wonder if his kids called him Pop?

We couldn’t leave the UFO Museum without a family picture. Not really sure what’s going on with Ben’s face. He spent most of his time trying not to laugh out loud.

Have you seen “Fire in the Sky?” This is the guy the movie is based on, Travis Walton. He was nice and very believable. We bought a book to continue supporting him and his effort to share the truth about alien abductions. We also had a beer with Steve Pierce, one of the guys who witnessed Mr. Walton’s abduction.  He is a former trucker who’s been working to get his side of the story out. If you read the book, let me know and I can give you all the parts that were inaccurate. Mr. Pierce did not cry after Mr. Walton was abducted, that part of the story is untrue and Mr. Pierce wanted to make sure that was cleared up.

Super cool alien. He had just put in a breath mint before we did pictures with him. He has no junk and aliens don’t wear clothes. One more reason my kids want to be aliens, so they can go naked everywhere.

I kissed an alien we met in this fine establishment that smelled of embalming products. Benji shot it.

The boys enjoyed a moment of rest on the sofa with this alien. He clearly was on medicinal marijuana and could have used an intervention, but that wasn’t why we were there. I threw a Mountain Dew and some Funyuns at him and he left us alone.

Taking a moment to answer the call of nature with this guy.

Not really sure what was happening here, but I’m pretty sure I was telling him not to touch it because I was out of hand sanitizer and that alien was sticky.

We brought home a new son. The boys named him Trevor.

We finally got out of town and Grace got to pick the movie going home. (It was Tron. I know you were wondering.)


All in all, it was a fun experience. It’s always nice to open our minds up to different ideas and visit museums and cultural sites in our great country.  We leave in a couple of days for the second part of the Fun-filled, Ingram Family Vacation of 2012.


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