Bye, Bye Lumpy

A few months ago I found a lump in my right breast. It turned out there were actually two of those little suckers in there.  I visited my doctor and had an ultrasound, they thought it may have been mastitis. I tried antibiotics for a period of time to see if that cleared it up. It didn’t.

So, I went back and saw a surgeon and had another ultrasound. The doc decided to take a biopsy the same day. The result: atypical lobular hyperplasia. I’ll wait while you go read what that is. (I’ll sing “Some Nights” by Fun. in my head while you’re gone.)

The good news is that it isn’t cancer.  The not-so-good news is that it means I have a higher chance of cancer.  However, now that I’m aware of it, I can get mammograms and other screening and live a healthy lifestyle to help keep cancer away.  

Yesterday, I had a surgery to take those lumpy bumps out of my boob and they are gonna check them out. Sometimes, the whole lump tells a better story than just a needle biopsy.  It’ll be a couple of weeks before we get the results back.  For now, I’m taking it easy, enjoying the percocet, and eating chocolate. I’m thankful to have great friends and family who are taking care of me.  My friends are amazing cooks and babysitters, so I couldn’t ask for more.

Oh, and my Mom sent these. How can I not feel better with these around?




2 thoughts on “Bye, Bye Lumpy

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