The One Where I Shaved My Head

My hair started to fall out at the beginning of this week. By Wednesday it was coming out in clumps. As much as I knew this was going to happen, I still wasn’t ready for it to actually happen.

I decided to let Ben and the boys shave my head.  That way it was fun and everyone was involved. Shaving it gave me a little control over the whole hair loss thing.

Before the shaving started.


Some crazy emo/punk cut Benji wanted me to stick with.


Of course, we had to have a mohawk.




My new hair.






5 thoughts on “The One Where I Shaved My Head

  1. You look GORGEOUS. No, seriously, you have the perfect face for a bald head!

    My cousin has cancer and two small children. One time when she had to shave her head yet again, she gave her young son a big thrill — she let him put a temporary tattoo on the back of her head. All of the sudden, he was ALL ABOUT the bald head. Just a thought in case your boys start having any issues with it as they work through their feelings.


  2. Gwen, you look gorgeouse bald! Kelly Pickler just shaved her head for a friend with breast cancer. Did you see her sporting her shaved head. I think you have started a trend. I am right behind you. Give me a month and I will be shaving mine too!

  3. You look beautiful! I love how you kept your power and added your family’s as well! My hubby cut my hair when it started to fall out and then we shaved my head the next day…figured I had to take baby steps…cute wig! Now get another one for fun! This is the time to try a different color! 🙂 Got to find the fun and positive in every step of the way! xo I had a blonde one and a brunette wig. I switched them up depending on how I was feeling that day! :).

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