See Ya, Seoul…We’re Headed South

We’ve been in Seoul for a little over two weeks. We’ve signed the boys up for school, found an apartment, signed up for our doctors, we are ready to live in Seoul.  However, the Army had other plans for us and they decided we aren’t going to live here.  They’ve decided to send us to Camp Humphreys.  Of course, right? That makes no sense at all and the Army is just showing that nothing they do makes sense and they really don’t care what is best for the family. We had to go back to all these places and basically out-process. More of our time wasted.

After 12 years being married to the Army, this is the first time that I feel completely overlooked and not taken into consideration for anything.  We got through the deployments and other Army issues with very few problems.  Maybe I was trying to stay positive and overlook the issues with military thinking.  Either way, I’ve never had a problem like this with the Army.

Thankfully, my kids are strong and have remained fun and positive and are enjoying the time we have been here.  When we told them we were moving, they asked if there were other kids there. Satisfied that they won’t be the only kids, they headed off to the playground.  If they are OK, I’m OK.  My biggest issue though, is that I’ll have to drive over an hour and a half just to get to my oncology appointments.  If we lived here in Seoul, it would be a short metro ride.  It’s inconvenient and impractical for me, but that doesn’t matter to Army.

If I could go back to the beginning of this deployment to Korea, I would have let him come here alone and get set up first.  I wouldn’t have dragged the kids through all of this waiting and being moved around.  I’m sure we’ll look back and say something witty and mention how resilient we are, but today I’m just finished with the Army.  I’ve never really been a typical Army wife, but I’ve never held anything against the organization, until now. So, now, I’m going to try and make the best of the next two years, be positive, and hopefully have some good experiences.

Time to get on the bus for the rest of our tour of Korea…


3 thoughts on “See Ya, Seoul…We’re Headed South

  1. That’s stinktastic, Gwen. It seems to work out in the end, so here’s to that! I do know how you feel and I’m looking forward to life after, even if we’ve had some good experiences. Hugs from SE Arizona (for now…heh).

      • Thanks! I’m hoping for the best. Got a great work opportunity here but I have to leave it, again. Like you, going to make the best of it all.

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